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Mark Twitchell posed as a woman on the dating site, Plenty of Fish, to lure 38-year-old Johnny Altinger to his Edmonton garage in 2008, where he bludgeoned and stabbed Altinger to death before dismembering his body. Tony Vella said while people can their local police station for advice, because of policy and lack of resources, officers can’t do background checks on sellers or buyers off these online sites.

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“Keep in mind that ‘bad guys’ will use ‘burn phones’ too, so you may be caught the same way if you try to follow-up with some shady person,” he said.

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Parry Aftab, a New York-based lawyer specializing in Internet privacy and security law, ed Bosma’s death “really tragic.” “A lot of it was done on the phone, so they didn’t have a lot of cyber communications, which are like a trail of cyber breadcrumbs running rht to the door,” she said speaking of the Bosma case.

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The first thing Couto recommends is meeting someone in a public place during business hours. Don’t put yourself in a position where something could happen to you and no one’s there to witness it.” Buyers and sellers should also never give away personal information in an online ad, including their name, address or phone number, Couto said.

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